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Join Robin's Trading Community

3 Easy Steps to Joining Robin's Trading Community

Step 1) Open a POEMS trading account with Robin (remisier code: "MR")

Get in touch with us by copying the following templete, and send an email to:


---Start of Template---

Subject: Request to be a Client and Join Robin's Trading Community
  • Full Name (as in NRIC):
  • Contact Number:
  • How would you like to open your trading account (delete accordingly)
    • Option 1: Face to FaceYou may visit us at Phillip Securities Office, Raffles City Tower level 6, around 315pm to open your trading account. Book an appointment with us before making your way down.
    • Option 2: Forms to be sent to you
      Simply provide us with your mailing address, and we will send you the forms with a return envelope.
    • Option 3: Apply for trading account online
      Only custodian prepaid and margin accounts are available for this option.
      (If you wish to open the standard CDP linked account, you need to fill in the physical forms, i.e. options 1 or 2)
      - Use this customised URL to open your account under the care of Robin.
      - For the first question, choose "yes" for leverage if you want to open a margin account (M).
      - For the second question, choose "yes" for prefunding if you want to open a custodian prepaid account (CC). Choose "no" for custodian account (C).
  • How did you know about Robin?
    • Seminars by Robin you attended:
    • Name of friend who introduced you:
  • How many years have you been trading and investing?
  • Which asset classes have you been trading? (delete accordingly)
    • Singapore stocks
    • Foreign stocks
    • CFD
    • Futures and Forex
  • What is your preferred style of trading and investment? (delete accordingly)
    • Contra trading (less than 1 week)
    • Short term to mid term trades
    • Invest for growth
    • Invest for dividends
  • How can we help you in your trading and investment? (delete accordingly)
    1. Attend seminars and courses by Robin
    2. Review your investment portfolio
    3. Subscribe to professional trading platform at special rate
--- End of Template---

Step 2: Complete the Account Opening Forms

After you have received the forms, either by mail or collected from us at seminars, here is how to fill them up:

* Form 1: "Account Application Form (Individual)" [Phillip]
Refer to image below. 
Please fill in all the required fields in the forms, especially:
- Employer details
- Occupation
- Income and net worth
- Bank name and account number
- 2 signatures

Form 2: "Apply for Individual Securities Account" [SGX]

- Only required if you do not have an existing CDP account
- 1 Signature

* Form 3: "Apply for / Revoke Account Linkage" [SGX]
- 1 Signature

Form 4: "W-8Ben" (optional)

- Required for trading US market
- Print 2 copies, 1 Signature each

Guide to filling Form 1:

Step 3: Joining Robin's Chat Group on Telegram
  1. Download Telegram
  2. Send Robin a message on Telegram, and tell him:
    • Your full name as in NRIC
    • How did you know about Robin
      • Seminars you attended,
      • Friend who recommended you, etc. 
  3. Criteria for Chat Group Membership
    • You must have a trading account under Robin, remisier code "MR"
    • Your trading account must be active. Members whose trading accounts are dormant will be removed from the chat group, and added back when the account is active again.

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