Join Robin's Trading Community

Dear readers,

If you would like to join Robin's trading community, you may do so by opening a trading account under the care of Robin.

Option 1: Electronic method

  • Download POEMS 2.0 app on your phone
  • Click on "open live account"
  • Select "cash management" account type. This is the default account which is linked to your CDP (Central Depository)
  • Enter your CDP account number
  • Select "multi-currency" facility
  • Enter Robin's remisier code "MR"
  • Follow the instructions and attach a photo of your signature
  • When your have completed the process, copy down your account number and email to

If you need to enquire about your CDP account number, you may call the hotline: 67136688

Else if you do not have a CDP account yet, you may open it online via this link: 

Option 2: Hardcopy forms

Let me know your home mailing address by email, to: cc:, and we will send the forms to you with a return envelope.



By providing us your personal data (i.e. name, email address and phone number), you acknowledge and consent to our collection of your personal data for the purposes listed below:

Sending you marketing, advertising or promotional materials related to the content of this website, whether by call, text or email;

Provision of products & services which you have requested for.

Please note that you are entitled to withdraw your consent for the collection of your personal data at any point in time by providing a notification to: cc:
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