Robin is a top tier trader and remisier at Phillip Capital. At the Phillip Awards Night 2017, he won 5 Awards as Top Trading Representative for Equities and CFD, Singapore CFD, World Indices CFD, Malaysia CFD, as well as Hong Kong CFD.

Robin has taught and mentored thousands of professional traders. He has developed his own proprietary trading system that focuses on Price Action, which he believes is the answer to the volatile market today. He believes that many traders fail today because they have been employing long-term and traditional indicators to short-term trading; and to achieve trading mastery, traders must understand market behaviour and develop a trading strategy that fits the trader’s profile.

Since it first started a few year ago, the following of Robin's Market Outlook seminar has been growing steadily. More than 400 people packed Nexus Auditorium during the last seminar in July, and many of the participants were delighted to earn back multiple folds the cost of their tickets by acting on the stock picks shared during the seminar! More details HERE.

By popular demand, Robin has structured a new Advanced Trading Course, targeted at experienced traders who want to learn advanced trading strategies to gain an edge in the market. More details HERE.

Robin also conducts a comprehensive four and a half day Master the Markets Course with Cyberquote. This is targeted at traders who want to learn Robin's proprietary price action trading strategy, and be proficient in reading the pulse of the market instead of relying on indicators. More details HERE.

Every few months, Robin conducts a live trading seminar in collaboration with SGX Academy. About 200 people packed SGX auditorium as they watched Robin construct his trade plans and execute his trades live on a Monday morning. It was really an eye opening experience.

Over the years, Robin has been featured in various reputable publications such as The Business Times, The New Paper, Zao Bao, Wo Bao and the Borneo Post. 

Most importantly, Robin is an active trader who has a stellar track record. He enjoys teaching, and believes that trading is a life skill which should be learned the right way. 

You can connect with Robin HERE!

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