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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

RHO Index Key Levels - Recent Highlights

On 27 May, the first trading day after our first anniversary, both our predicted day high and day low for China A50 were hit. On top of that, we had 3 take profit signals for the long trade, followed by a bonus short signal after it had reversed from the day high. The intra-day range of our prediction today was 318 points. 

We are constantly enhancing our RHO robot's algorithm. On 29 May, 2 trades were triggered, and our RHO predicted day high was hit twice. As you can see from the illustration below, subscribers received step by step notification for entry and profit taking.

We had two buy signals for S&P 500 on 3 June. Here, we can see the advantage of a responsive algorithm. After the first buy signal, the take profit signal was sent less than an hour later, right after it had reversed from the peak! Without the robot to signal the first take profit, it would been back to square one. Shortly after that, the second buy signal was triggered, and we took all the profits within 30 minutes.

The same night, our RHO prediction for Dow Jones was also triggered, but it was a signal to short! What's more impressive is the take profit signal which was sent just before the rebound, which would have erased the gains. Also see that the partial profit and full profit signals were just 2 minutes apart, which shows the responsiveness of our algorithm in protecting the profits made.

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