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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Prcie Action Tradeplan Continue To Amazed Me With Immaculate Accuracy - GLLI Tradplane Posted On 20 Mar 2019 Has Been Spot On .

The GLLI Tradplan  posted on 20 Mar 2019 based on Price Action was spot on ! I have been asked many times how a trader could gain confidence in timing their entry and exit. The answer is in having good tradeplan that works!. Over my past 35 years of trading , I have faced many challenges and failures and what keeps me going and my confidence alive are good tradeplan that are actionable and profitable like the GLII traeplan and the many tradeplan that i have posted on this blog. Tradeplan based  on  historical volume and price action has continue to amaze me with its accuracy and reliability. 

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