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Monday, August 27, 2018

RHO Index Key Levels Prediction - Simsci 27 August 2018

Simsci hit our projected day high, and corrected 1.9 points in 288 minutes!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hang Seng Property Index - The Fundamentals and Technicals are pointing to a Impending Crash !

For the last 30  years , the Hang Seng Property index has experienced 2 Big Crashes in 1997 and 2008.. From my Chart, after nearly 10  years of uptrend since 2009 the index has reached a multi year peak and is about to experience another major crash. This could come in the next 6 months. The Fundamentals for such a crash is also in place with rising interest rates, slowing economy and a depreciating Chinese Yuan . From 2005-2006 period property price correction was triggered by mortgage rate hike, in 2008 it was caused by economic downturn due to the global financial crisis and in 2015-2016 period it was due to Chinese yuan depreciation. All the headwinds are now in playto trigger yet another property crash. This blog is bearish on Country Garden, SHKP and Sino Land.
All posts and charts are for educational and illustration purposes only
Friday, August 17, 2018

Its A Matter Of the King Dollar

The US Dollar Index has broken above its key 95 resistance level and would be heading for the next resistance levels 97.7,  99.00 and 1.00. With the dollar strength , the cheap dollar that drives a multi year borrowing binge that fueled heady growth is about to take its toll on Emerging Countries laden with dollar debts. Turkey crisis  is the latest example of  a Dollar victim  which expert fear would spread to other emerging markets. Turkey could be a canary in gold mine for the vast amount of cheap dollar loans accumulated worldwide since central bankers started Quantitative Easing in 2009. The Donald Trump led Fiscal easing and Monetary tightening , will continue to power the dollar higher. Trump has been using trade sanction and strong dollar as a part of his bullying tactics to pursue the American agenda. As long as the dollar bull continues, Asia and emerging markets will continue to be weak and the only place to put your money will be the Trump led US stock market.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

HSI Prediction on 7 Aug 2018 - Using the key levels in trade plan

Yesterday morning, Hang Seng Index hit the projected day high and corrected 159 points in 50 minutes. It went on to stage a strong recovery, hitting and consolidating at the 28010 level again, before hitting the stop loss which is 100 points away. From the chart below, we can see how the price tested the RHO Index Key Levels published before the market had opened. On hind sight, the levels yesterday would have formed an effective trade plan.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

RHO Index Key Levels Hang Seng Index hit target, DLC Webcast ~ 6 August 2018

The RHO Index Key levels for Hang Seng Index hit the projected day high, and went on to fall 311 points in 215 minutes!

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Robin has shared his views about the market on this week's DLC webcast with Soc Gen. You may watch the video and join the DLC interest group here:

All posts and charts are for educational and illustration purposes only